T’other day I found this blog. Went out to see in the morning and took some pics of the rescue. They’ve got 3 boats (and three dogs!) and cruise the waterways all spring and summer, nice people. One boat went on to Norwood tunnel portal, leaving the other two just below Sandy Lane bridge. They’re meeting up again at Retford, possibly today (Thursday)

I walked up to meet them on the way back – met them at Turnerwood and had a cup of coffee with them.

Trevor the BW man, he of the hairy face, was there – if there’s anything he doesn’t know about the Chesterfield then it’s probably not worth knowing.

The Mandarin duck was on the pound above Feeder lock, beautiful bird. It had apparently adopted a brood of mallard chicks – it was defending them from other drakes.

Our own (great crested) grebe is still sitting on eggs at Godfrey’s pond (aka Sandhills lake!). This is their second nest, the first was near a coots’ nest who they were kicked out by. I think there’s another nest at the other end of the pond but it’s hidden in reeds. There was a pheasant strutting around screeching in the reeds on Monday. It’s quite a little wildlife haven in this scruffy place.

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