So what to blog about?

I didn’t know cats (well, some cats (well, one cat out of the three who deign to inhabit my palatial abode with me)) like cheese. Kipper loves mature cheddar.
I’ve got a whole load of pics on Flickr.
There’s loads from travels in a motorhome, chiefly round Scotland but since getting flooded out in 2007, I’ve been in a council flat.
I’m now spending my time walking, mainly up and down the Chesterfield Canal


Trouble with digital cameras is that you aren’t discriminating enough so I’ve started picking out the few that I really like and putting them in their own collection.

I’ve got a Nikon D80 camera with a Nikon 18-50 and a Sigma 70-300.

So far this week I’ve walked from Chesterfield to Staveley and Ranby to Retford. I did the Chesterfield one on Monday, I’d forgotten, if I ever knew, that it was a Bank Holiday and the bus was running to Sunday schedule: it took about one and a half bloody hours to get there! The only possible reason for going to Chesterfield, assuming you’ve seen the twisted spire, is to buy stilton (food of the gods) from the cheese shop. £5.00s worth is about four times what you get from M&S – terrific.

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