Friday 6 May 2011

Walked to town & back (cat food) via pond & canal, finally saw the grebes’ nest I knew was there.

A narrowboat (Aisling Gheal) was approaching Morse so I stopped to snap it.

Aisling Ghael approaching Morse lock, Canal: Morse to Town 6 May '11 047.jpg

I’m afraid that I put the willies up ’em with my tale of NB Charlotte sticking in Stret lock (the next they’d meet).

Aisling Gheal is Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) for “Bright Vision”. It’s a well known (apparently) song. More nice people. All the narrowboaters I’ve met are friendly folk. Gotta see if I can con someone into carrying me the full length of the canal with camera ’cause I’m gonna find it difficult to do the West Stockwith to Clayworth section on foot using my bus pass to get there.

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