Tuesday, off to Clumber

Decided to walk it to Clumber today. the weather was OK – sunny & overcast mixed with a cool breeze.
There’s a map here with my route, it claims to be 11.73 miles but that includes the two ends round canal & pond. Pics here.
“My” grebe’s still there.

There was a narrowboat just about to enter Morse lock as I got there so I had to wait & take some pics. It was called “Pergles” (rhymes with “burgles” not “sneeze”, I’m told)

A swan took off from the pond as I was walking down the canal:

And there was a heron on the canal:

A good day’s walk, everyone’s pleasant and gives a greeting and occasionally a chat once you get out of the built up area. One guy spoiled it: got quite huffy when I was about to snap his two Malamute dogs. Ho-hum; there’s nowt so funny as folk.

Rhododendrons are blooming and there’s still some bluebells out. No ramsons here, probably too dry for them.

The slight differences in nature’s colours are worth noticing: the yellow of broom and gorse and the green of beech, fir and birch. Purple rhododendrons aren’t all the same shade either.

I intended to go to Hardwick and round the south side of the lake but decided it might be a tad too far so pulled back to the Chapel side.

Some of the canada geese have goslings – there were two guys with yea big lenses snapping ’em from about ten feet away – seemed like overkill to me.

Why is English the only language that doesn’t use a variant of anana for the pineapple?
Well here’s one possible reason:

Grey squirrels abound – family groups of five or six or even more are quite common.

Back to Godfrey’s pond and home
(bought cat food of course en route)

The ginger kit reappeared at half past ten; Ginger (the original) liketh it not, he sits growling at it and jumps on it if not watched. It’s too fast to get a decent pic.

Big Ginger’s now sulking.