Wednesday 11th of May

Late out of bed – 9:30! To begin: a couple of pics of the cats once they’ve been fed:

 Kipper and Squeak on the compost heap (can’t tell which is which in this position)

 and Gingernuts among the detritus on the couch.

Walked round the pond and down to town (cat food!). Pics here. Got there & realised I’d left money and wallet at home. now you might put it down to senility, but it’s something the likes of which I’ve been doing for umpty seven years – just not all connected in the thinking/doing sphere.

Couple of anglers stopped angling for a chat: one of ’em had been the local water bailiff and had loads o’ stories. Talk of ten pound eels and crows taking coots’ eggs.

This trio passed, two drakes in hot
pursuit of a duck.

Someone was bound to be disappointed.

The “top” grebe’s still there in her nest.
Here she is just visible behind a passing duck family:

Dunno what to do tomorrow, Thursday was “half day closing” in Sheffield when I was a nipper – I think it only affects the market now. Might try Donny – not been there for yonks.

The ginger kit’s just been and gone. Gingernuts really doesn’t like him! I’d get a pic of him biting it but it seems a bit cruel to just watch.


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