Friday the thirteenth

Walked to Thorpe Top Treble :

Hungry heron very visible.

Interesting after t’other week’s shenanigins with Charlotte: a couple on NB Kano had prewarned BW that they were coming to Stret lock. BW blocked Morse weir:

 and sent water through from Lockkeeper pound and from above Cinderhill lock 
Cinderhill pound down

Nice people on the boat but 4 or five BW staff taken for most of a working day just to let one boat through? That’s where the money goes.

The mandarin’s on Feeder lock where he’s still chaperoning his adopted family.

The swan above Turnerwood is as stroppy as ever: he was really pursuing a (female!) mallard

and I tempted him into a go at my shoe.

By the time I got back down, Kano was through and at Haggonfields

 and there was a  queue at Deep lock.

Heron was still hanging around, I know they’ve got to eat to live but they take a toll of the ducklings!

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