Tuesday: the Canch (second post today)

First: what’s a “canch”?
Apparently it’s a mining term:

  1.  A part of a bed of stone worked by quarrying. 
  2. Eng. Roof or floor removed to make height and side removed to make width. If above the seam, it is called a top canch; if below the seam, a bottom canch. A canch on a roadway close to the face is called a face canch; a canch on a roadway outbye is called a back canch. Also called brushing; ripping. SMRB 
  3. The face of the roof ripping in a roadway. It follows that the canch is continually being excavated and advanced. 

I assume it means the cut made for the canalised section of the river which later, below Kilton lock, feeds the canal. Was it a fish supply for the priory before that?

It now apparently applies to the whole area from the River Ryton (N side), Priorswell Road (E side), and Memorial Avenue (S side), tailing off to the west behind the new library. I’ve shown it here. There’s tennis courts, kids play area, paddling pool, exercise area and they’re putting in a skateboard thing.

They’ve put a new bridge across it: rather nice:

If they could just get all the litter permanently out too! I suppose it all comes down the river from god knows where.

Now for the roses!!

They really are individually beautiful, I don’t think the rose garden as a whole’s very nice, but that’s as much down to vandalism as anything.

The pics are below the fold ‘cos they fill the page to bustin’

There’s Red ones …

pink ones …

orangy ones …

young ones …

just open ones …

not even thought about opening yet ones …

and, of course, yellow ones …

more pink ones …

and pink ones …

and pink-red buds …

and climbers …

and sprayers …

full ones.

Just round the corner there’s white ones and more yellow ones:

I forgot to mention the scent! Roses, roses!!

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