Don’t you just hate Wednesday?

Well, bad day. Woke up at 7:30 – the back’s gone!

I’ve got a strange back, 99% of the time it’s OK and then out of the blue it goes. A constant ache which turns into a sharp, incapacitating jag at apparently random times. One thing that brings on the “jag” is miss-stepping ; for instance not noticing a kerbstone and the foot hitting unexpectedly. I can bend down but straightening up again’s another story: jag, jag, jag. Sitting requires a dead straight back and when walking I have to be ramrod straight and watch where I’m putting my feet. Don’t even think about running!

’nuff about my troubles:

I eventually went round the pond. Not much happening but the Heron was there.

Coot chicks lose their red heads pretty quickly
But Moorhen chicks are black headed from the egg

Dog rose ‘shopped
Heron Cropped & ‘shopped


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