Last Sunday in May

Went out early (6:30) in hopes of seeing the grebe with chick on back closer to the bank. No such luck, she stayed out in the middle of the pond.

Walked the canal to Turnerwood, actually to Brown’s lock , and back.
Python’s at the BW mooring below Sandy Lane Bridge.
A couple of tufted ducks above Turnerwood double.

One of whom looked downright creepy

   The swan’s still sitting on her eggs.

Diverted on the way back at Turnerwood to follow the Brancliffe feeder to Brancliffe Grange Farm and back to Duke’s bridge. All the feeder does is add water to the canal (at Feeder lock) but the workmanship is amazing. It goes for over a mile (1.4 miles actually) and most of its way it’s fully canalised but only about 3-4 feet wide.

I don’t know if my admiration for these canal engineers is getting through to you. These people did things with style. Just look at the Harthill feeder above Kiveton Park:

All that just to add water to the canal.

Couple of narrowboats passing through Shireoaks: Remus and Grumpleweed, They’d been on the marina as I walked up. Usual cheery waves.

Now, my star of the day!

On the home stretch I saw a bird in the willows on the far bank. I thought at first it was our duckling devouring heron silhouetted against the sun , but as I got nearer I could see that it wasn’t.

It was a cormorant. I’ve never seen one so far from the coast – it even did its spread wings thing, although facing away from the sun.

From Cormorant2 May 29 ’11

I’m no ornithologist and had to confirm what it was when I got home: definitely a cormorant. I’m turning into a bird nerd!

Slideshow of Cormorant:


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