Moer Wednesday

Of course on the way to and from the skatepark opening, I took more pics:

On the way out a mallard was on the posing log.

and just down the canal the heron was waiting but he soon departed

Must make this blog wider!

Once at the Canch I couldn’t resist the roses. Again!


And, of course, the ducklings

Back via the canal there were the usual pigeons on the roof of the flour mill; I wonder if they eat the dust?

and a mixed brood of ducklings:

Once again, I’ll have to figure out how to photograph white things.

In town the market was in full swing

This guy was selling some quite delicious curries & stuff.

I bought one and had it for tea: very good.

Two Red Indians Native Americans were selling trinkets & beadwork while playing on their pipes lower down the town.

Back at the pond, the mallard on the posing log had been replaced by a coot

The “bottom” grebes are still keeping well away from the bank but the chick’s off and on his mum’s back.

Here’s a couple of cropped & shopped pics:

Up early (5:30) this morning (Thursday) a few pics of the lake so far: more to come.


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