Thursday #2 To Brancliffe Feeder

After the walk round the pond, I took a roam up the canal to Thorpe Locks Bridge; followed the footpath over and under the railway to Lindrick Dale; across the bottom of the golf course; to the start of the feeder where it leaves the River Ryton. Map here. 8.8 miles 14.17 Km

At the pond this familiar man was fishing,
a conversation between us across the water elicited the information that he was going to be married in four weeks. He’s a nice guy who’s always either on the pond or the canal. He was still there when I returned some four hours later.

Below Deep lock, moored at the Lockkeeper, was Nb Lady Lee, Now, I know I’ve seen her before, many times, but can’t remember exactly where & when. I’m looking through my (untagged!) archives to find her.

Nobody apparent on board.

T’other day I saw Nb Rhapsody approaching Morse lock. I now met her just above Deep lock on her way back.

A pleasant couple all the way from Chicago; been here since the beginning of April and not their first time on the canals.

Up the canal a surprisingly unconcerned rabbit was wandering about on the towpath.

Mrs Mallard was giving her brood a lecture at Shireoaks locks.

Feeder lock pound was low for some reason, the wash was bone dry:

The mandarin has moved up to Turnerwood above Quarry lock. He was still with his adopted “family”, trailing after them but apparently being ignored.

Narrowboat Sunny was moored above Brown’s lock. No signs of life.

I must share the terrific Thorpe locks:
Can there be any reason not to visit the canal?

From Thorpe Locks bridge to the feeder takes you through Lindrick Dale and across the bottom of Lindrick Golf Course:

The footpath crosses the Feeder: the bank can be followed eastward to the Ryton Weir and gate:

A cute Jack Russell, Alfie, was tussling with a branch just inside the woods.

Mommy Mallard was still with her chicks

Past Rhodesia, approaching Deep lock, a narrowboat was visible:

It turned out to be “Evening Star” from Huddersfield:

Why are (almost*) all the folk on narrowboats so damned nice?

Isn’t the canal beautiful!

* One exception, I shan’t name, but they’re somewhere on the blog

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  1. the main reason people do not visit the Chesterfield can is they are frightened (probably terrified is a better word) of 1. The tidal River Trent and 2.Coming in at West Stockwith. Once the canal is opened up to the Yorkshire Waterways people can use it so much more without having to 'do' West Stockwith


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