En härlig morgon.

Looks great out.


Well, what started out so promising has turned into a dull day: rain! I know the farmers, and gardeners, want it but I don’t.

Walked up the canal to Cinderhill lock (Duke’s bridge) and then followed the footpath to Brancliffe. Last time, coming the other way, I hadn’t been able to find the footpath through the wood above the Ryton and the start of Brancliffe feeder. Going the other way it’s signposted. Turns out I’d been literally within feet of it! There’s a quarry at the bottom of Lindrick dale, last time I went in and turned left, If I’d turned right I’d have found it!
The slideshow above is the walk: Duke’s Bridge; Brancliffe; Feeder source; Lindrick Dale; Thorpe Top Bridge and back down to Duke’s Bridge. Wherever you go you’re sure to find an underpant tree.

Anyhow. There was a fishing match above Morse lock, Dinnington Sportsman pub. Some anglers are bloody selfish: they leave rods over the towpath and, coming back, the brollies were enormous and blocking the way.

The angling match going and coming back

There appears to be a lack of water above Feeder lock as Quarry, Turnerwoood top and Feeder’s washes were dry. Don’t think it was boats using it as I didn’t see any between Shireoaks Middle and Thorpe Top Treble.”

The swan above Turnerwood double has given up on her eggs.

Didn’t see the Mandarin anywhere although his “adopted” family were on Feeder’s wash. see pics above re low water.

Looked for Nb Wychwood in Shireoaks Marina: no sign.

The other boat I saw yesterday, Sloe Mo Shun was at Shireoaks Middle on the way up and just leaving Python’s pitch as I came back – he’s from Hebden Bridge and he and his mate, in Nb 42, were going to a bootsale at the welfare club.

I’ve left uploading pics until I’m sure the camera’s dry. Don’t want to get any water in its innards.


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