Tuesday’s gotta be a good day

A photo of mine‘s on the front page of Sheffield’s Graves Park website.

Rough map. Today’s pics on Flickr.

First: round the pond: the “middle” grebes are building a nest.

Caught them doing the dirty and then bringing reed to their new nest site.

Just a sparrow
Caught a swan through the bushes

Bought small Pig Pie & a Corned Beef Salad sarnie at Birds the Butchers’ Salad Bar. I’d already got my Robinsons’ OJ packed.

Walk to Clumber via Sparken Hill & Windmill Lane following footpath at end of Wop College. Through golf course and onward following path to Hardwick Village.

Very official looking notice at Heron Hill Wood the essence of which was “keep out we’re working”. Only afterwards did I realise that I’d misread it: it wasn’t a “Keep out” but advice that there might be “Keep Out” notices elsewhere.No matter: I went to places I’d not been before.

I walked up the road to Manton Lodge. Honeysuckle, birch woodland and flowery meadows …

… and down to the lake.

Swans with cygnets: fluffy little beings.

There’s a grebe on the nest.

Loads of Tufted ducks on the lake and a whole crowd of swans.

Looking through the Photos I found something I hadn’t seen at the time …

… a cormorant in the middle of the lake.

Loads of Canada goslings There is a creche in the shade of a tree in front of the cafe with a couple of dozen young guarded by five or six adults.

Wandered up to the Walled Garden with the intention of going in and snapping for the competition but, calamity, I hadn’t enough cash! £3 to get in & I’d only £2.50! Shouldn’t have bought the pie! Took a couple up the Cedar Avenue that might do.

Anyhow, walked back home via Cycle Route 6, Windmill Lane & Sparken Hill.
Got cash from m/c in town & bought cat food. Home to home: 6 hours.


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