If this is Saturday: it’s gotta be Sheffield!

Full post, with pics, is here.
Bus (271) to Crystal Peaks, tram to town (Cathedral). Walk through town to Moorfoot. Bus “20A) to Graves Park. Walk round lakes & Animal Farm. Bus to Charter Row. Walk through Station to flats. Tram to Crystal Peaks, Bus to Worksop.

Well, I’ve just played with the partitioning on Lappy so I guess I might have a catastrophe any time.

Started by getting up late: pure idleness, I woke at about half past seven and snuggled down to be reawoken at about ten to nine by the alarm on my phone. The bus goes at 9:35 and there’s one every 2 hours thereafter so RUSH!. Just time to buy a corned beef salad sarnie.

The 271 to Crystal peaks is magic. It goes Shireoaks, Thorpe Salvin, Harthill, Kiveton, Wales and Killamarsh. Normally I don’t like long bus journeys but this one’s always been attractive. From there it’s tram to Sheffield centre.

Waterstones: Sue Hepworth was signing.

Being Saturday there was a wedding glut at the Town Hall and photogs in the Peace Gardens. Took some “funny” pics of the stainless balls with my reflection.

Down the Moor to catch the bus to Graves Park.

At the park, round the lakes, through the Animal farm and then back to the bus.

Got off to walk down to, and through, the station to photograph the water feature in front Which I’d been reminded of on Trevor’s blog.

Behind the station there’s something new: South Street Park. They’ve made some rather nice steel steps and are creating what appears to be an ampitheatre.

Went up in search of the subject of Diane’s blog.

Tram to Crystal Peaks & bus home.

Photos to come

2 thoughts on “If this is Saturday: it’s gotta be Sheffield!

  1. Yup: the pics are acomin', watch this page. It was your blog that inspired me to start, so the blame's all yours! I always take hundreds of pics and it takes me ages to sort 'em so I generally post every other day.



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