Sunday: posting Saturday’s pics

As Mr Micawber said to David Copperfield:

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.

I’ve recently had to: buy a new laptop; sub up for Flickr; pay TV licence, taking me to the “ought and six” level. Gloom! Might have to cut back on the M&S food & go to Netto!

I seem to have aquired a new moggy,
he’s on the left with Gingernuts maintaining the advantage of height

Flickr Pics here
Off to Shiny Sheff:
Started by getting up late: pure idleness, I woke at about half past seven and snuggled down to be reawoken at about ten to nine by the alarm on my phone. The bus goes at 9:35 and there’s one every 2 hours thereafter so RUSH!. Just time to buy a corned beef salad sarnie.

The 271 to Crystal peaks is magic. It goes Shireoaks, Thorpe Salvin, Harthill, Kiveton, Wales and Killamarsh.
Normally I don’t like long bus journeys but this one’s always been attractive.

Loads of oriental youths (mostly girls) at Cathedral snapping pics

Loads of buskers on fargate. This girl was playing a transparent fiddle beautifully.

I always feel that I have to give buskers something if I take their picture, in this case it was no hardship.

In Waterstones: Sue Hepworth was signing.
Not, I’m afraid, my sort of book, so didn’t approach her.

Being Saturday there was a wedding glut at the Town Hall …

… and loads of photographers in the Peace Gardens.

Me reflected in one of the watercovered steel balls behind the Peace Gardens.

Got the bus to Graves park.

A slideshow of the park:

130+ pics so it’ll take a while to watch it all.

Got the bus back to town. Got off to walk down to, and through, the station to photograph the water feature in front which I’d been reminded of on This blog.

Station forecourt: there had been a short shower and the trees’ shadows were still damp where the sun hadn’t reached.
The water “feature” (eat your heart out Gardeners’ World) really is terrific,
although I’m not sure it goes with the Victorian station building.

Behind the station there’s something new: South Street Park.

They’ve made some rather nice steel steps …

… and are creating what appears to be an ampitheatre.

Onward and upward to Park Hill flats in search of the subject of Diane’s blog.

Found it …

… someone had fun tracing those letters with glass tubing,
bet it looks great lit up.

Tram to Crystal Peaks & bus home.

One thought on “Sunday: posting Saturday’s pics

  1. You took some great photos in Sheffield. Ive heard that girl playing the violin, she brought a tear to my eye as it was so beautiful. Hurray!! You found the spot!! I can't wait to go and see it lit up. We did a bit more of the Cuckoo Way today and visited Nona in her new Cafe.



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