I didn’t like today at all

Well, or rather not well, I awoke this morning about 4:30.
Why?” you ask,
To put it bluntly, the trots.” I reply.
Spent most of the day in the bathroom.

Snuck out long enough to buy cat food & check out the roses in the Canch rosegarden.

At Morse Nb Little Lucy was going through:

bloke on his own with a little dog.

bought cat food & went on to the Canch. Roses really are beautiful flowers, Flickr pics here:

Walked back via Canal Road. A narrowboat I’d noticed twice before, once in the Marina and again at Worksop car park, was moored up & two guys were working on it. They’d bought it in the Broads, sailed it here and were doing it up.

That’s it: all I’ve done today.

4 thoughts on “I didn’t like today at all

  1. Hi RojerSteve has a problem with the boat, picked up a some debris and the propeller is playing up.We will be up the chesterfield in late August / early September.Take careMickMick



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