Mittwoch: German for Wednesday (literally: “mid-week”), replaced the former name Wodanstag (“Wodan’s day”) in the tenth century.
Worksop Chesterfield canal
Didn’t stir yesterday, tummy still rumbling, but now am OK.

Went to town (pond & canal). Before going I looked at the weather and deliberately left my waterproof top (it rolls up into a little ball and sits in a side pocket of my backpack) at home.

Nothing doing on the pond, swans being bloody photogenic, mallards displaying new broods of young and grebes dithering about all over.
Flickr pics

Swans being photogenic

Mallard showing off new family

Grebe ditherin’ about

On the canal towpath was a tiny egg

Nb Dunrushin moored behind the cricket club.

(Worksop can look quite attractive from some angles.)

I probably should have said something: they’d left the side door
(there’s probably a proper name for it but I’ve no idea what it might be)
open, with a handbag just inside: not a good idea in Worksop, or many places in this benighted country.

They had the flag of Kernow flying at the stern.

Obviously, having discarded my waterproof, it was going to rain.

and boy, did it rain!   
(that’s tarmac)

… never wears a mac
In the pouring rain …
Very strange.

Private Eye came this a.m. so I’ve the crossword to do, should keep me quiet for an hour.
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2 thoughts on “Mittwoch

  1. Worksop does look very pretty in photographs – we make our area look very picturesque don't we! Its a shame that a few "oiks" (polite name) ruin it.


  2. Worksop could be lovely. Litter, dog mess and lack of thought make it a pretty depressing town. (I did think of snapping every dog poo I see in a day but realised that I hadn't got a memory card big enough) I dread the school holidays: "oiks" of all sizes running amok. There's no appreciation of the canal, it's either hidden away or fronted by car parks and dereliction. So much could be done, I suppose there isn't the cash. Loved your York posts, Diane. It's a city I've been to several times and always found something new (or do I mean old?) to look at.


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