Sunday Musings

Not been fit for a couple of days: tummy rumbles, hot sweats and not sleeping. Crawling out to buy cat food has been the most I’ve done.

Finished the P.E. crossword in under 5 hours, this is possibly a record for me. I’d have finished it sooner if I hadn’t stuck on one for an annoying hour:
28 Across: Prince no longer keen to grab Brenda’s crown (6).
I’d got all the letters _ L _ E _ T and had ELDEST stuck in my head. I knew it wasn’t right but couldn’t get it. As usual with these things it came to me while I was doing something else.
I’ve been reading a blog by a lass from (I think) Killamarsh or thereabouts. She’s a keen walker/backpacker who makes me look like the couch potato that I am.

Little ginger kit is definitely mine now: As I write she’s apparently trying to get under the sofa. She starts the night asleep on my bed and vanishes outdoors in the wee hours. I’d always thought that gingerness was solely a male cat colour, but she’s definitely female.

(I’ve 27 tabs open on this page of Chrome and another page with ten tabs. Better close a few.)

I’ve submitted two pics to the New Waterways Charity Competition
Aaaand they haven’t shown up here.
Trying again:

Thorpe Middle lock in snow
Thorpe Middle lock in snow


Chesterfield canal: Thorpe Bridge (32) 30 April 2011
Thorpe Bridge

Suppose I’ll get the hang of it – eventually. It doesn’t seem as intuitive as blogger though, probably because it’s more flexible.