Friday explanation

Why haven’t I been posting?

Every now and then I get into a strange life. My day switches almost without reason: I go to bed at 8 or 10 AM and get up at 3 or 5 in the afternoon. No idea what sparks it off but it happens.
I’m fairly antisocial anyway, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference to my life. The main effect is shopping: the local convenience store (open 6:30AM to 10PM) gets a lot more use, although I manage to sneak into M&S first thing for stuff.

Anyhow: photos of the pond:

The “bottom” grebes are trying for another brood of chicks:
First a slideshow

Tip: to run the slideshow don’t click the centre arrow thing, just click on the black edge

A few individual pics:

Mum’s sitting on the nest with the smaller of the two chicks staying close:

The smaller chick was constantly cheeping. Probably missing his/her mother’s attention.

Meanwhile the larger of the chicks …


… was tootling around with papa:

who was looking pretty pleased:

In other grebe related news:

The “middle” grebes are still wandering around after their two(at least) attempts at nest building.

There only appears to be one “top” grebe left:

Five (+2) grebes on such a small patch of water!

Blackberries are fruiting, as are damsons

Meanwhile humans are decorating the canal in their usual way.
Outside my front door are sloe bushes: must try some sloe gin.

4 thoughts on “Friday explanation

  1. Hi Rojer,Have missed your pics. Great Grebes, they always look so regal, til they dive and disappear.Not sure those are sloes, looked more like a Mahonia bush to me! Best check before you try the gin.Karen


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