Saturday to Wednesday

Saturday, Sunday & Monday’s pics.
Tuesday & Wednesdays tomorrow

Saturday 23rd July

Didn’t do anything.

To town (pond → canal →) Up to the market and back.

Frau Grebe still on the nest: no immediate sign of the offspring, although Herr Grebe was around.

The heron was at the top.
This was taken at extreeeme distance through a bush.

… he fled as I came within snapping distance.

Big Ted’s on his stall, not looking too happy about it.

Sunday 24 July

Even less today!!

Indoors: just pointed the camera through the door. Hollyhock porn (see what those bees are up to!!) and grapes and Gingernuts.

Monday 25 July

Only town and back


The top grebes (who have been hiding their nest very successfully) have hatched at least one chick. See below.
The bottom pair are still on the nest with their second set. Surrounded by Blue green alga.

Blue green alga Enhanced

“Bottom” grebe on nest.

Be advised: these pics are at a distance and the camera’s handheld. I’ve tightened them up as much as I can.

The stripy chick peering out.

Papa meeting junior

Going for a ride


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