As my thousands(4 actually!) of followers will have noticed, I haven’t been posting. There’s a multiplicity of reasons

  1. I just resurrected an old computer
  2. I’m idle
  3. Transferred all my pics to a 2 Tb drive
  4. I’m idle
  5. Got totally confused about which pics I’d uploaded(To Flickr) and which I’d yet to do
  6. I’m idle
  7. Tried to link the two computers together and somehow buggered it up
  8. I’m idle
  9. The weather
  10. I’m idle
  11. I’ve been busy elsewhere(Totally NOT TRUE)
  12. I’m idle
  13. I got infuriated at “F Spot” (the “program” that sorts, tags and uploads my pics)
  14. I’m idle
  15. I got bored
  16. I’ve done that thing again: going to bed at 8am & getting up about 3 in the afternoon!

So, as you can see it’s not my fault.

Anyroadup, I’ve not been totally feckless: I’ve done some stuff on t’other blog:

  • Some stuff on a map I found (of course I didn’t find it – the excellent folk at Sheffield Library Local History did) about an 1824 proposal to run a canal across the Pennines to Sheffield, Chesterfield and Cromford. If only the rail had come along fifty years later!
  • A start on my life story (B O R I N G !)
  • Begun to flesh out some past walks along the canal and elsewhere, wish I’d thought of it sooner. Finding and allocating the pics is fun (not).

So I thought what I’d do here is drop a sampling of my old pics for your delectation. I’ve taken every 28th(don’t ask)
and stuck ’em here.

First batch

Tip for slideshows: don’t click the centre arrow, click an edge.

They are supposed to be in date order but the camera screwed up and labelled some 2010 pics as 2006: such is life.

Just a few individual pics:

And finally a rose in the Canch rose garden:

More tomorrow, if I can be bothered

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