Out today to catch a few pics for t’other blog

Went shopping without camera and saw two boats moored at the Priory centre (pointed upstream) Hastened back and got some snaps. They were from Wakefield (correct me if I’m wrong on that) and had overnighted at Forest Top. As always, nice people. Boats: Thomas Harold, named after the two owners’ deceased fathers, and Lazy Days.

Walked up to Stret/Deep to get pics for t’other blog (I’ve loads on the computer but could do with the exercise).

At Stret Pound, Maid Marion was coming down.

Bit of a list on?

They had left but a short time when Thomas Harold hove into view …

… and was soon into Stret (after a bit of hard labour by yours truly cutting a fender off with a knife that my cutlers heritage would have called a spoon! (blunt)):

To be followed shortly by Lazy Days

Tomorrow I’ll (possibly) go up to Shireoaks (if I get up in time!).


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