I’m slowly putting the walk from Worksop to Norwood tunnel on the other site: I will add more pictures from previous walks once I’ve got to the end. Formatting the pages is a bit of a pain. What I’ve decided to do is put small pics on the main page (see here for example) and give links to bigger views of individual features on sub-pages like this.
Google maps for the overview’s quite good.
So far I’ve got to Milestone lock — plodding on!

I’ve so many pictures archived that it’s gonna take some time to dig ’em out and post ’em all. I’ll get round to it.

The WordPress format is better (IMHO) than Blogger as you can have static pages. Is fun learning!

Found this about Aqueducts on t’web yesterday: interesting specially in view of this blog post from “canalartist”. (incidentally, why is it spelled aqueduct rather than aquaduct?)

Something to play with if you’re a bookaholic like me. It’s quite good: tried it with one or two of my favourite authors and it brought up some I’ll have to try.

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