To Turnerwood

Walked up to Turnerwood on Tuesday

Four boats that had been at Retford on Saturday were on the Marina:

Dreamcatcher Phoenix

Wineberry Sentimental Reason
Walking up Turnerwood locks, I noticed something off to the left:
Yup! It’s a tank!

Now: a bone to pick with a reader. Someone (no names, no packdrill) said there was a photo of me in the phone box at Turnerwood.

Oh dear is that the impression I leave?

Not me.

Trevor the hairy faced BW guy:

Chatting to Mick on Phoenix on Monday, I learned that he’s in hospital with an ulcer on his foot and he’s been diagnosed as diabetic.

He’s a lovely guy with a load of info about the canal and always ready to help anyone he meets on the water or the towpath.

Couldn’t resist the two “animals” on Wineberry’s roof on the way back:

Just below Shireoaks locks I saw a rather strange sight:

She was photographing in the drizzle.

The tree that had been across the canal had been moved, leaving no sign it had ever been there:

2 thoughts on “To Turnerwood

  1. No that wasn't the photo I thought was you – someone must have nicked it!! The one we saw had a camera around his neck. And it wasn;t the other beardy bloke "Dave" that often walks the canal either (whom we shared a table in Nonnas once with).



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