Not happy

Additional: If you look at the whole blog you’ll miss the wonder of the sidebar! Something I did somewhere has vanished it – no idea what – it’s OK on individual posts but …

My Computer’s not a happy bunny. It claims to have run out of memory. (despite there being over 100Gb free!) I’m reduced to posting text only.

T’other day I read on a blog that the “right” price for a 1 Kilo bag of sugar was £1.70. She was compaining at being asked £2.25/kg – I’m not surprised! I haven’t paid more than 89p for ages.
Some time ago the price was hovering around £1.00 and then the local pound shop started selling 1½Kg bags for £1 (67p/Kg). Immediately all the local shops dropped their prices. Although the pound shop ran out a few months ago, the price in the rest of the shops – even the local open all hours “convenience store”, is 85→89p. What do these shops pay for sugar? If they can afford to make a profit at under 90p then what sort of money are they making at £1.70, not to mention £2.25? Of course if they’re selling it at a loss, then more fool them and good for us.
Similarly milk is £1.00 for a 2L “bottle” everywhere. Led this time (I think) by Iceland (the shop, not the Country).

Was Einstein wrong? I’m watching the live webcast from CERN about neutrinos that go faster than light. My life, it’s full o’stuff. Interesting that no English speaking nation is a member of the group that did the experiment but the guy’s talking English. What’s that mean?
So far mostly about how they tell the time and the distance.
It’s all beyond me! (did I need to say that?)
Well, that’s left me behind!

Interesting: they’ve just had a slide up showing how the two ends (730km apart) moved – continental drift is real.
Seems like a nice guy. Well, I don’t know what he said, but he said it beautifully. I wonder if he could fix my computer?

I’ve a glut of grapes on my vine – yummy!

Speaking of grapes: a “tweet” t’other day read: @PollyMars: Does anyone else feel sad to see fruits going to waste on the trees ? Not really, Polly. On the trees they’re food for anything that flies or climbs, once fallen they feed everything from mice to slugs to microbes. Possibly more use to the planet than making pies. Having said that, I do love fruit pie!

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