2 thoughts on “Computer !*!>&6!!!

  1. Just read your blog. Am in complete agreement about the misuse of the apostrophe. Annoyingly the predictive text on my mobile phone offers me “lot’s” before “lots” so I have inadvertently sent people lot’s of love. Can only think of one use for the word “Lot’s” and that’s referring to his wife.
    Incidentally, when did agreeance become a word? Have heard it several times recently e.g. “I’m in complete agreeance with him” Ugh!


  2. At the Auction the lot’s price was £10.(?)

    Never heard “agreeance”, praise be.

    “Gotten” gets my goat somehow. I dare say it is truly English but it jars!

    The apostrophe rant was a reaction to a blog (this one while they were in Scotland) using it ad lib with verbs, nouns and even adjectives.
    I notice they’re still doing it back in NZ: “… but with all the tree’s around the site …” here



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