Thorpe Top Treble & Back

Walked up to Thorpe Top Treble & back.


Nb Little Mester I’ve seen before.
Nb Elizabeth Anne: first time I’ve seen it out of its mooring on Canal Road.
Nb De Nada going up to moor at Albert’s Dock.
Nb (James) passing through Shireoaks top.
Nb Wineberry on Shireoaks pound.
Nb Siloam at the Lockkeeper.

Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to post any pics but here goes: Computers are a pain in the parts that other pains don’t reach!
Had to delete/reinstall F-Spot; the 2Tb drive works when it feels like it; Flickr packed up on the uploading after about 10 pics. GRRRRRRRR!

Gingernuts has fallen out with me: flea powder! I wouldn’t mind, but he’s scrattin’ all the time. The one where you’re supposed to drop it on the back of his neck is a no-no; he will not let you do it – and I’ve the scars to prove it.

well, the reinstalled F-Spot seems to be working. So I might be able to post some pics.

Little Mester leaving Haggonfields Lock

Elizabeth Anne at the Lock Keeper

Siloam at the Lock Keeper

“James” approaching Shireoaks Top lock

De Nada in Thorpe flight

Wineberry moored outside the marina

I got some pics for t’other site, which I shall be adding forthwith, …or not.

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