t’other blog

I’ve just added some purty piccies, and a few words, to the random facts about canals page. That’s what I really went up the canal for today (yesterday now!).

WHY are people on narrowboats all so damned friendly? All that I have encountered have been delightful; always ready to talk and tell their stories.

Mean to go and look at Harthill reservoir this week to see where the feeder starts. I’ve seen the Brancliffe one and of course the Ryton feeder at the Canch – only the Broadbridge Dike to see. Years ago, (1980ish) I followed a feeder at Norwood up to Woodall pond. I remember being gobsmacked at the work that had gone into it: beautifully laid brickwork bottom and sides, just for moving water from one place to another. I believe it’s no longer there and is on private land anyway.
Two of the cats have decided they aren’t friends. Gingernuts and Kipper are hissing and spitting at each other. As Ginge was first have to side with him but Kipper (he’s big & black) is so endearing.

And so to bed (half past two)


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