Cats and stuff

From October 5, 2011
Reason I have to go to town every day.

The hungry beasts attack me if I’m in bed any later than 10AM, demanding food.

I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing as usual. I’ll stick some pics up soonish.

I got in touch with an old friend (a non cousin – I called her parents Aunt & Uncle when I was knee high) by Googling her forename and the last village I knew she’d lived in many years ago.
Her brother (also, of course a non-cousin) has emailed me; among other stuff: “i have recently got a skippers certificate to take passengers out on narrow boats and i volunteer on the John Varley in Chesterfield.”. (the John Varley’s the CCtrust’s trip boat on the Chesterfield section of the Chesterfield Canal.) Years between us and we’ve acquired a common interest!

Moer later.

Cats’ names:

  • Gingernuts: if you saw him walking away with tail in the air. you wouldn’t need to ask
  • Kipper: sleeps all day
  • Squeak: touch her and she squeaks!
  • Gingerkit: he’s ginger and he’s a kitten: nuff said

All the cats are “comers” – I had one cat when I came here (she died Easter 2010) and first Gingernuts began sneaking in nicking her food. The black pair followed soon after and the kitten’s been here about six months. The Ginger pair make free with the flat but the black ‘uns stay in the kitchen.

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