Old friends

Went up to Shireoaks Low bridge and back down to the Lock Keeper as the non-cousin I mentioned last blog had said he’d be there (with the missus).

Spent a smashing two hours chatting with them, learned new stuff and remembered old stuff together. They haven’t changed in the ten years since I last saw them. They’re both so fit: they ski, scuba, run, martial arts and cycle. He’s been retired a few years now and she’s redundant later this year.

They were at Tapton Lock on the Chesterfield canal (on cycles) when they saw a request for volunteers. A while later he’s got a “Skipper’s Cert” which allows him to take out the CCTrust boat John Varley with passengers and he’s now John Varley Manager – a post that’s been unfilled for some time.

Some Pics:

Nb Narrow Minded at Lock Keeper pound Heron flying away
Teasels through a hedge Just sky over Godfrey’s pond
Grebe family on Godfrey’s pond

I’m in there too!
Two non-cousins and an eye.


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