Market & voles

Walked through Worksop market which has now expanded to cover the whole of Bridge street and leave the old market place altogether: much better.

I recently read somewhere that the average time of a mobile phone call was 73 seconds.
The girl in the last photo above must have been on a roll – she was on for at least ten minutes as she walked through the market.

Slideshow: click the edge, not the arrow

Buttermere Mary Hayes

At the moorings on Canal Road, another two boats had appeared. As well as Elizabeth Ann and Vera Verity, Buttermere and Mary Hayes were tied up.

Back up at the pond a young lady walking a dog drew my attention to a couple of voles up a hawthorn tree scrumping berries.

Unfortunately, I’d got the wrong lens on to get a decent shot
but here’s what I managed with a little help from the Gimp (poor man’s Photoshop).
Ain’t they sweet?


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