Thursday Morning

Thanks to the twitterati, I was impelled to go out early this am.
The sky was overcast but rain had stopped

Two swans left on their route south …

… but the three left remained photogenic

Up the Chesterfield canal as far as Shireoaks:

Teasels! (or should it be “Teazels”?)

The Marina looked good in the sun.

And just outside were:

Nb Wineberry Nb Satyr

Intended to go further but felt the knee going as I approached Shireoaks bridge so I turned back.

Back at Godfrey’s pond the voles were in the hawthorn, but I didn’t manage a shot, having to make do with a robin:

2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. The swans took me by surprise. Just ambling along when "Whump; whump; whump" wings beating off to the side. Hastily snapped about 10 pics.The knee's getting better but today it's the back! I hate my bloody bones! Pics are easy when you've a decent camera. Just relies on pointing it in the right direction 🙂



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