Sunday To Turnerwood

The knee was feeling OK (back’s still a bit suspect though) so I thought a walk up the Chesterfield canal(I put that in for the search engines) was indicated.

Couldn’t resist this though before I left:

Gingerkit having a rest in the cat thing.

First thing of note was a father/son pair of anglers packing up (at 8:30!).
A cyclist in a hurry to get to work had ridden over the son’s £600 carbon fibre fishing pole and splintered it.

To say they were livid is to understate the case

Just a mallard


Day after bonfire night and the weather was terrific!

Narrowboat Satyr was moored above Turnerwood Double lock.

At quarry pound

There were apair of natives

Colours of Autumn
And back at Morse lock

Nb Atticus was heading back to Shireoaks Marina after a four week trip to Hebden Bridge

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