Monday: Ranby to Worksop

The day was overcast and not quite raining – almost but not quite – not even a mizzle but wetter than a mist.

After the Monday morning cash machine raid and mini-statement (bad week last week – 2 direct debits) and buying cat food. decided to get the bus to Ranby and walk back to Worksop.

Here’s a map I did earlier

It’s actually from earlier this year when I went the other way.
(Worksop to Ranby!)

Weather warm enough to do without a top layer and not wet enough to need a waterproof, although I’d got my trusty shower top packed safely in my backpack. Speaking of backpacks, I feel naked without one, but, unless I’m out for a full day and need food and drink, rarely use anything I’ve brought. The pack I use is ideal: big enough to get (say) two packs of catfood, a 2L milk and a couple of pies or such from M&S when I’m shopping; yet small enough to not look silly with just a spare camera lens and the waterproof. I bought a bigger one last year but haven’t used it yet although the current one’s showing definite signs of wear.

Something I hadn’t fully appreciated is the different appreciation that walkers and boaters have of the ups and downs of waterways. Walkers love locks and curves whereas they mean more work for boaters. A blogfriend (is there such a thing?) recently took a spin on the Ashby canal, which boasts 22 miles of lock free boating. Not my thing as a walker.

Anyhow, on with the walk:

Moored at the Chequers was a nameless boat:

I think I’ve seen it before. Very …aaah … yellow!

Willow trees are beautiful any time of year but when turning colour, either way, can be spectacular.

There are mile markers all along the Chesterfield canal.

Here’s the ’25’ marker dedicated to and by John and Barbara Lower The name rings a bell.

Just: !

Even the bracken colours beautifully

Nb Satyr was moored at Osberton lock just across from Nb Pebley’s pitch.
I saw her on Sunday above Turnerwood.

There’s something about dead trees …

The 23 mile stone is just East of Manton Turnover bridge.
It proudly proclaims its position halfway between Chesterfield and the Trent

The last of the potato harvest was being gathered in alongside.

Manton rail viaduct:

The reinforcements are made of rail lines.
Kilton Low lock …

… is entirely metal.I wonder why?
And the paddle controls are heavily protected.

That’s me almost home.

All the day’s pictures (240+) are here

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