Catch up time

Not blogged on here for a while but I’ve not been idle here.
I’ve stuck some more rubbish in My random facts page. Worked out how to make animated gifs such as this one.
Involves (for me) drawing in Inkscape, saving as Gimp ‘xcf’ with layers, opening in Gimp & running through Web animation filters. A lot of work & if there’s an easier way, I’d be pleased to hear it.


The Grand Commercial Canal pages have been my most popular because I’ve told folk about them. Saying that, my biggest daily hit stat is 26 – not world shaking!
The knee’s been acting silly so I’ve not got out much but:

Had a nice meeting with some old non-cousins on the 8th Oct.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m going to try to get to Hollingwood – the Chesterfield bus is rubbish (not really – it’s that it serves all points between here and there and runs at best once an hour with a couple of two hour gaps.) anyhow the 10:35 should land me in Staveley at 11:27, so it’s then a 1/2 hour walk along the canal. They’re having a “volunteer day” so might be informative.

It’s Saturday, so I think I’ll go and look at the market & maybe get a bus to Retford just for the hell of it.


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