Markets & Voles

Worksop and Retford each have a Saturday market. At Worksop it’s the flea market (no, Paula, I don’t think you’ve got an infestation!) but at Retford it’s the main market. I visited both (bus passes rule).

First …

What happens when you point your camera directly into the sun

Before going to town though I took an early (for me) stroll around the pond (Godfrey’s pond or Sandhills lake or whatever). The sun was just breaking through the clouds and the moon was still fairly high in the sky. Doesn’t make for excellent shots but here’s one or two:


That looks better: facing the other way the moon above the water.


Tried to shoot the moon – jiggly hands don’t make for good moonshots.


Seagulls and Mallards disagreeing over angler’s bait.


Grebes are still grebing about. There’s only one pair left now.


Some fungusses wot there are there.


… and on with the day …

Began with Worksop Market:

Of course Paula was there smiling behind her mixed yarns as usual.

Just in time I noticed that the bus was loading, so I sped over to catch it.



As usual the market was packed. I don’t know why the table of caulies struck me as picworthy but …


… was quite busy. Shame that Russel Brand’s “Booky Wook 2” has reached the discount shops. (Can’t forgive him for marrying Katy Perry)

The view back down Carolgate is through the purely ornamental railings.
and on to the


The information boards along the canal are
particularly good in Retford
Nb Rose & Thistle moored below Town Lock

King’s Park & River Idle

Willows and water looking good
That’s the Canal
ductin’ it’s aqua over the river
and that’s mallards
hurtling up for bread

Autumn’s really arrived:

Although it’s taking its time with some trees
The water of the Idle is limpid (characterized by transparent clearness;) and the scenery worth the journey.

St Swithun’s church

Is that St Swithun, I wonder?


before leaving Retford I had to get a sunshine and shadows pic:

Worksop market again

By the time I was back in Worksop the market was humming:


Again berrying in their hawthorn tree

Fortunate to catch them, unfortunate in the lens I’d got on.

Next: Chesterfield canal Trust “Volunteer Day”

3 thoughts on “Markets & Voles

  1. To my shame I have done neither of these markets – but I shall make it in my way to remedy this. I heard that Katie Perry was actually hanging on for you Roger, but she got the wrong bus and thats how she ended up with Russell Brand.



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