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All these pics and many more are at Flickr

Trip boat John Varley arrived soon after I got there

Followed soon after by “plastic” Susie

JV moored up prior to attempting the lock.
Will she … won’t she?
No, she won’t

Turns out that the new bottom gates, costing tens of thousands of ££££, had been upcocked. The brackets guiding the paddle rods didn’t fit into the slots in the stonework.

And inside the lock house:

Models of the New Dawn being built at Shireoaks Marina

JV had to reverse out of the lock and would have to go nearly to Dixon’s lock before turning.

Note the fending pole ready for use

Then I walked back to Staveley. I did intend to walk on to the new marina development but MUD!

The “plastic” Susie came down the canal with a novice allowed to helm.

And then another hour’s trip on the bus home.


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