Tuesday: To Thorpe Top Treble

Long post, but it’s 99% piccies.
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All these pics and many more are at Flickr

After a walk round the pond, the weather encouraged me to walk up to Thorpe top treble lock.

I’ll spare you the (almost) obligatory Grebe and Swan pictures on Godfrey’s pond.

First off here’s four pics of the rope gouges in Highground bridge below Deep lock:

The ropes became abrasive
after being wetted and trailed in the dirt.
The repeated rubbing carved these grooves in the stone.

Haggonfields lock and on to Doefield Dun lock
where I took the footpath on the other side of the canal
via the Miners’ Welfare to Shireoaks low bridge.
(note – only one boat moored)
Shireoaks church (St Luke the evangelist) in the distance.
There are a load of carvings around the church.
Apparently it once had a spire.
Image from here

A row of houses built by Duke of Newcastle for his mineworkers. It consists of 56 cottages and 2 shops. Building started in the late 1850’s and by 1861 down as far as No. 40 was complete. The houses were originally 2 up 2 down plus most have an attic bedroom. The Row had no mains water until 1932 and therefore used a well to rear No 11 for drinking water. People also collected rainwater in large wooden tubs in the yard at back of house and therefore the Row was known locally as Tub Row. Originally there were open yards to the rear of the houses across which was a shared wash house and an earth closet. Behind this each miner had a pigsty and kept pigs fed with food waste to supplement their diet. From here

Wonder what the original tenants would have thought of the satellite dishes!

On to Thorpe:

Apples, yes I did scrump one: hard & sour, but nice.

Duke's Bridge & Cinderhill lock

Oneslide lock

Stone & Feeder locks in the distance

looking back at Turnerwood Bottom lock

Swan above Turnerwood double lock

Thorpe Low Treble lock

Limehouse lock

A paddle rack & pinion mechanism

Thorpe Top Treble lock from the bridge

Looking back on the way home: Thorpe locks bridge

Thorpe Bottom lock

Small dog outside Turnerwood cottages

Looking down Turnerwood flight

Brancliffe Feeder entering below Feeder lock

Stone lock

Aqueduct over the R Ryton

Fishing ponds PRIVATE!

That's Nb Python in the marina (I think)

And while I've been away, Nb "James" has moored back at the Miners' Welfare

That’s all, Folks.

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