Saturday: Pond, Dogs and Markets

Long post, but it’s 99% piccies.
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All these pics and many more are at Flickr

Up early but didn’t go out till the sun was up.
I’ve realised that using the tele (70-300) lens which is only 58mm dia is a bit of a no-no when the light’s low. The other one (18-70) has a 67mm diameter so it catches much more light, especially when you’ve got a polarising filter on the tele one.


Anyhow: wandered out to the pond, taking a counterclockwise route unusually for me.

As usual the ‘directly into the sunrise shots were rubbish …

I attempted to “shop” one, rather unsuccessfully
The human eye and a hand obscuring the sun show the beautiful view much better.
So near the centre of scruffy old Worksop!

Looking the other way it’s a different story

Silver birches are good any time of year.


On the Rugby field the usual suspects were walking their beasts.
The dogs almost universally find me worthy of being barked at.
Good character judges, dogs.

With a new one to me:


Worksop market (1)

Intended to go to Sheffield but reading
@BookwormRetford‘s tweets saying the Farmer’s Market was on,
decided to head for Retford.
First: up through the Worksop Market.
Quite busy

Retford market

On to Retford
Retford Saturday market’s always thronged

Worksop market (2)

Back in Worksop: still going strong

And just to finish:

6 thoughts on “Saturday: Pond, Dogs and Markets

  1. That black dog looks a bit fierce! The markets look very inviting! Could almost taste the mushrooms. The technical photo stuff is all wasted on me but the resulting pictures are all beautiful as always.



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