Friday: pond, dogs & markets

Long post, but as usual it’s 99% piccies.
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I understand it emails you when I post.

(which won’t be that often: I’m an idle fellow)
All these pics and many more are at Flickr

Walked round the pond and a little later through the market


Sunrise & clouds

Autumn colour on the Chesterfield canal

Even pigeons can look good

This was a new dog to me

Dereck's two dogs

I have no idea which one this is


But swans ...

... need no excuses.

This is the nearest you'll find to a picture of me

A final look at the birches across the pond

and then it's off up the market. Sweets how they used to be!

and cupcakes how they are now. Yummy!

Then wait for the bus to Retford opposite this building.


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