To Lincoln

Planned trip

Yesterday (Friday) I went to the Lincoln Christmas Market. Last year it was snowed out, remember the snow?

I’ve been before, but on a Saturday and found it a) too packed and b) too unpleasant to travel to and from.

There’s an hourly service from Worksop to Lincoln run by Northern Rail which always gets full and leaves standing room only both ways. Why this always happens is a mystery – it’s not as if the market was a surprise: they do know about it ’cause they get moaned at every year.

I got up later than I had intended to, having been kept awake reading until about four o’clock*. After feeding cats (a must) I walked up to the station in beautiful sunshine.

Sandy Lane has a new playgound

St. John's church

Worksop has a rather good station building

For so small a town, it's not a bad station



Anyhow, the “train” (is one vehicle a train) arrived twenty minutes late (due at 10:13; arrived 10:33). It consisted of ONE carriage; there were already standing passengers all along. It might have been possible to get on, some hardy souls did, but the majority decided not to bother. As I’d just paid out £12.50 for the return trip, I didn’t feel like giving up so waited a few minutes for the ON TIME East Midlands Trains to Nottingham (Robin Hood Line). Comfy train with room for all. Arrived in Nottingham where we were ushered on to a SPECIAL TRAIN running from Derby to Lincoln. The carriages were, literally, first class and the journey comfortable. One advantage of this ’round the houses’ trip was that I saw places I’d never seen before.

Train to Nottingham: Loads o' room

... and to Lincoln

*The book that kept me awake ’til all hours was: The Eyre Affair by Jason fforde. I’m a died in the wool Science Fiction/Fantasy addict and this tickled me no end. Recommended on Twitter by someone @WannabeStarbuck.

Post Script

I “tweeted” my displeasure at Northern Rail:
1)@—— took train to Nottingham – special train Derby->Lincoln First class Never #NorthernRail Again
From: northernrailorg Northern Rail
@rojertb ; We don’t have a first class on Northern Rail. Andy

From:rojertb Roger T Bunting
@northernrailorg Well your ordinary class is about 75th class

2)@—— Just emailed Northern Rail, finished with “You are a shower!” (‘cos they are) hee!
From: northernrailorg Northern Rail
@rojertb He he we look forward to that one! Andy
From: rojertb Roger T Bunting
@northernrailorg Glad you think it funny that people think your service stinks.

Aren’t they a lovely company?

Now on to the actual pictures of Lincoln (next post)

2 thoughts on “To Lincoln

  1. I think your slot on the next series of “Grumpy Old Men” is assured Roger!! I hope the train journey didnt detract from your enjoyment of the day. Its a while since we ventured to the Christmas Market at Lincoln, but we always enjoyed it. My Godson has to postpone his plans to propose to his girlfriend at the market last year because of the snow.


    • I’ve had email exchanges with “customer relations” which blame it on the government despite a profit of over £29 million. I’m a confirmed Grumpy old man. Had a good day though.



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