2011 out

Didn’t like the end of 2011. The back was knackered: couldn’t walk any distance, some days ’twas too much to get to town – anything over a mile and the back/legs were useless. Must have been entertaining to watch though.

Anyhow, Friday 30th I walked round the pond and down to town & back.

There’s a flower blooming in the garden:

At the pond there’s only one grebe left but a small flock of tufted ducks have taken residence.

Mallards are posing on their logs

And on the canal a family of swans – think I’ve seen ’em before – paid a visit:

While gulls and a lone Canada goose are on the pond:

Walked/scrambled up the bramble field: a log with beautiful fungus:

And at the pond lichen colouring bare trees:

The bare trees look good against the sky:

and the sky itself is worthy of record:

With a bit of luck I’ll be out and about more in January.

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