To Ranby

Decided that, as all my pics are on Flickr I might as well link to them and get some writing done here. This lot’s in a set here, of course they’re in reverse order so you’ll have to start at the end here and work backwards.
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I’ve not walked any distance over winter: the back, hip & knee have been acting up. So I thought I’d have a bit of a starter on Wednesday – an easy stroll to Ranby. Must stop trying to load the backpack for all eventualities. It didn’t rain & I never used the ordinary (20-70) lens.

Incidentally I’ve been “tidying up” and I found a rather old compilation CD I’d made yonks ago – some tracks didn’t play but I’m now listening to Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul Harem There’s a load of stuff on it: Donovan, Dylan, Lovin’ Spoonful, Eurythmics, ELO, Bach, Grieg, Paul Simon Etc etc etc. Lou Reed -Take a Walk on the Wild Side now!

Anyhow back to the walk: I set out just before 9, the weather was excellent: cool but bright. Walked, as always, round the pond to the canal. The grebes were at what appears to be their chosen nest site but before I snapped them I was drawn to a “pushmi-pullyou” tug passing through Morse lock en route to West Stockwith. They intended to go as far as possible today but didn’t expect to get beyond Clayworth at best in the time available. As all BW employees, they were as nice a couple of guys as you could wish to meet.

After going back to get the grebes on “film” I strolled on down to town where I saw the tug in the distance in Town Lock.

Pigeons in tree at side of canal

Pigeons in tree at side of canal

Tug in Worksop Town lock

Tug in Worksop Town lock

The next and possibly most vital stop of the day was Birds Butchers; their sandwiches knock next doors’ (Greggs) into a cocked hat. A corned beef & salad is enough for a meal!

Anyhow walked on to Bracebridge via the Canch – Looks nice now with the new pond and bridge.

Canch Pond

New pond on the Canch

Canch Bridge in the distance

Canch Bridge in the distance

Over the road, following what is the Ryton feeder, the pumping house comes into sight. Someone said that it was the most photographed building in Worksop, I reckon it’s a toss up between that and the Priory Church and Gatehouse.

Ryton Feeder

Ryton Feeder

Pumping station

"Artistic" view of the pumping staion


The lock's just above the bridge at Bracebridge

Rejoined the canal below Bracebridge lock. the bridge there is a genuine “turnover” bridge where the horse didn’t need to be unharnessed to cross the canal with both accesses being at the Eastern end. The BW tug was in the lock.

There’s a sign of the times on the towpath: a pictorial “DON’T TAKE FISH TO EAT” sign and something in Polish(?) Over the aqeduct over the R Ryton and the Ryton feeder down to Kilton Low Lock – why is this made of metal?

Tug passing through Kilton Low Lock

Tug passing through Kilton Low Lock

I waited for the tug here before carrying on past the feeder.

Before the rail viaduct there’s a field on the other bank with horses & donkeys. A couple of dogs thought they’d see what mischief they could get up to: soon shown the error of their ways when the horses went on the attack.

Manton bridge gives a good view of the Viaduct reinforcements: rail lines!

Although I was walking at about the same speed as the tug, my frequent stops to take pictures meant that they slowly overhauled and left me behind.

There are actually two herons here but I couldn’t get them both in view at the same time.



The wood at Manton Turnover bridge looks as if Ents would be at home there.
Manton Turnover bridge

Manton Turnover bridge

Just made the mistake of trying to manipulate two pics in The Gimp at the same time. Celeron processor & Music (House of the Rising Sun: Moody Blues) & Chrome browser means it’s a no-no.

Osberton Hall was flying the Union Flag, I don’t know if this is all the time ’cause it’s largely foliage hidden at other times.
Osberton Long Bridge
The two bridges, Long and Stables, are very different. Long bridge being a traditional stone and brick arch while Stables bridge is timber.

Stable Bridge

Osberton Stables Bridge

Nb Satyr

Nb Satyr at Osberton Lock

At Osberton lock, as well as the resident Nb Pebley there was Nb Satyr moored on the non-towpath side. There were workmen clearing brush and mowing here, I had seen their work all the way down. Their boat was moored below the bridge (another “turnover”)
Osberton Lock, Pebley & Satyr moored.

Osberton Lock; Pebley & Satyr moored.

Nb Steel Away

Nb Steel Away

Not much else before Ranby where Nb Steel Away was moored at the Chequers and Nb Little John was at Chequer House Bridge.
Nb Little John

Nb Little John

Started to rain as I got to the bus stop: timing!


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