Total lack of gruntlement

On Friday I walked up the canal to the top pound. I took, as is my wont, a load of pics. I’ve mislaid the sd card with ’em on! God knows where it is!

All I can do for now is give some of the highlights in words.
Took some pics of the pond, particularly the grebes …

(more pics here) … and walked on up the canal. I changed lenses from the tele at Highground Bridge overlooking Deep Lock. Below boundary Lock I met Joe & KCath and their friend Stu. They told me that they were practicing or training for doing the “Coast to Coast” bike ride. They were, to say the least, a bit mudstriped back and front. [Pics damnit!] They’d come down the towath from Kiveton. Nothing eventful until the pound below Quarry Lock where the Mandarin drake was still there! Looks as if he’s given up on his own species. [Pics damnit!]

The other side of Turnerwood Double as well as the resident swans there was a Little Grebe diving all around. [Pics damnit!] On beyond Thorpe Top Treble the top pound was much as it usually is, beyond Pudding Dyke Bridge the towpath became increasingly muddy and I surrendered to my better judgement, turning around and retracing my steps.

Changed lenses back to the 70-300 for the return journey. The Little Grebe was still there as was the Mandarin. [Pics damnit!] Met the three cyclists at almost, to within 50 yards, the same place: they’d been through Worksop and, like me, been turned around by the nasty wet towpath. Wonder how they coped with the top pound. Almost immediately after we’d parted the skies opened with a downpour of wet hail. I unpacked my showerproof and trudged on to Shireoaks. By now my back was giving me gyp and I sheltered in the bus stop with the intent of riding back to Worksop/ The sky cleared before the bus arrived and I went back to the towpath home.

Wish I could find the card!


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