Snow Sunday 2

So – on to the canal:

Looking back at the sunrise over Morse Lock

As you can see, I wasn’t the first to tread the snow.

This is a view that I must have taken a hundred times: St John’s Church spire over the canal. It looks a bit askew but I assure you it’s not.

The yobboes have been at work on the Lady Lee bridge. I couldn’t see the missing stone so I suppose it’s in t’cut.

Highground Bridge from Stret Lock

Highground Bridge from Stret Lock

Highground bridge is the one with the rope cuts in it (see here for some pics)

Similar from t’other bank.

Just some hanging snow – took my fancy so lump it.

And this is looking back at Stret Lock and Sandy Lane Bridge from Highground Bridge. The water’s not frozen where the bywash from Deep Lock enters.

Turn around and this is Deep Lock from Highground Bridge.At ten feet it’s the deepest on the Chesterfield Canal, hence the name.

Above Deep Lock the trees to one side arch over the towpath, snow covered where they’re less than vertical and haven’t caught the sun yet.

Haggonfields lock and bridge are made considerable less scenic by the A38 overhead.
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