Snow Sunday 3

Beyond Haggonfields Lock there’s a short distance to Doefield Dun But I can’t resist this winter tree.

Doefield Dun Lock and on to:

Shireoaks Miners’ Welfare moorings, where Nbs Archimedes and “James” (it’s unnamed but that’s the owner’s surname) are moored.

A pair of swans had taken up residence on Shiroaks Middle pound …… which was looking really beautiful:

A pheasant was standing on the wall of the lock house:There are more pictures of the pheasant here.

The Marina looked quietThat’s Nb Tumzul Cloud moored on the right (2 day mooring? They’ll be lucky!)

Outside Nb Bleasdale was still icebound

In the snow ordinary views are made terrific.

Boundary lock

leads on to the aqueduct
The lock is a new one created to prevent flooding following mining subsidence. Its name comes from the Notts-Yorks boundary which runs along the R Ryton which flows under the aqueduct.

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