Snow Sunday

I’ve had some computer aggravation this week: the one with the pics on went splaa! and t’other one hasn’t got wifi. Got the pics off #1 to the external drive (I’d uploaded them to Flickr before it went down) Just got everything working (Fniggers Xd) so here’s the delayed blog post (#1 of several):

Sunday the fifth of February followed an inch or two of snow on Saturday:

Snow on the Ice

The waterfowl were confined to the small unfrozen part of the lake

That’s the grebe pair with a brace of coots.
The vegetarian birds were milling around waiting for folk to bring bread:

While the carnivores kept themselves to themselves:
The ice forms some interesting patterns:
Swans seem unmoved by the cold:
While the grebes pull their necks in and sit there with a coot looking on:
The above pics were taken when I returned from the walk about eleven o’clock
Almost forgot, taken at eight as the sun was clearing the houses:

Sunrise ...

... over Godfrey's pond

And on to the Chesterfield canal …


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