Snow Sunday 4

Beyond Boundary Lock to Turnerwood Flight. In summer this is how it looks.

Duke's Bridge

Duke’s Bridge is at the bottom of the flight immediately below Cinderhill Lock. The bridge was rebuilt when the canal was rescued.

The locks look good in any weather but the white of the snow with the dark trees and the lichen and ivy covered trunks makes it a real sight.

I’d seen the workboat chugging up past Stret and Haggonfields t’other day. (thought I’d blogged it but …) They were towing another boat.
Aaargh! It’s just too beautiful!


Prickly leaves made more prickly by frost and snow

The sky was perfect for photography – like a bright white sheet spread over the world.

The swan pair were in their customary place below Brown’s Lock.

That’s about as far as I went. It’s surprisingly tiring walking on even shallow snow.

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