Snow Sunday 6

At Boundary Lock I took a diversion:
down the footpath on the opposite bank.
It takes you past the private fishing lake and

brings you out near the church.
From there it’s a short walk up to the bridge …
… with Nb Bleasdale moored near the marina in the distance. Sky!
The bungalows on the right were the ones that got rather damp and necessitated Boundary Lock.

The trees still looked good with their snow dusting. The sun wasn’t warm enough to melt it.

Crows look particularly miserable in the cold:

At Shireoaks Lock middle pound the Mandarin had come down from Turnerwood.
More pics here.
That’s the lowest down the canal I’ve seen him. For his own sake I hope he doesn’t come down to Worksop.
More pics here.

Sleeping swans were keeping him company.
Are there more robins about when there’s snow, or are they just more noticeable?

Ice patterns

Mrs & Mr Mallard out for a walk

I have a thing about teasels …
… or teazels.

Under Sandy Lane Bridge crows were feasting on McDonalds.

That Spire again: nearly home.
‘Twas a good walk!
(all these photos & a lot more are on my Flickr pics

2 thoughts on “Snow Sunday 6

    • Thanks, Diane, the canal’s always lovely. I’ve even walked in (summer) rain & watched the rain on the water. The seasons change slowly and suddenly you realise they have – snow adds a punctuation point to the process.



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