To Thorpe Top Treble

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(all the pictures on, and referred to, here are also on Flickr: here)

Up and down the Chesterfield canal

On Friday I walked up the canal to Thorpe Locks Bridge. This was the longest I had walked in my “new” boots. They’re not really new, I’ve had ’em years but I haven’t worn them much as they’re a tad on the “not too big” side. The map here shows the route (ignore the side trips)

Godfrey’s pond

Started at the pond of course: counting ducks – one … no there’s two … no, there’s only one … no, there’s definitely two … poor duck: he’s having his evil way with her. He seems to have her gripped by the back of her neck. Wonder the poor thing doesn’t drown. More pics here.


At the other end of the pond the resident Great Crested Grebes were reaffirming their bond. More pics here. He’s got a beak full of something: fish? reed? for her. And she’s got something similar as well. They’ve done well to persevere through the ice and snow.


Across the canal Benjy was being walked. He’s a lovely dog and his mistress is nice too. More pics here.

To Shireoaks

On up to Shireoaks leaving St John’s church spire behind. Past Stret and Deep locks on to Haggonfields bridge and lock under the A38.


Doefields Dun lock and the Shireoaks Miner’s Welfare moorings bring you up to Shireoaks flight of three locks. More pics here.

To Turnerwood

Beyond Shireoaks, Doefield Dun Lock and the aqeduct that marks the Notts-Yorks boundary there’s the bottom of the Turnerwood flight, starting with Dukes Bridge & Cinderhill Lock. On The bridge there’s a carved stone to commemorate its rebuilding in 1996.


There’s a small patch of snowdrops between the bridge and the bywash spill.
At Turnerwood pound there’s work going on. The pound and Quarry lock are drained and there’s a load of men milling about. I don’t like taking pictures of folk at work without their express permission: it doesn’t seem fair somehow.
More pics here There’s more pics on the way back.

Turnerwood to Thorpe Locks

Turnerwood double lock, despite its name, is regarded as the bottom lock of the Thorpe flight.
The “Thorpe Flight” consists of 15 locks although this includes two doubles and two trebles.


Above Milestone lock is the 17 mile marker. At Limehouse lock there are some small crocuses next to the towpath.


Thorpe Locks Bridge marked the end of my walk – my boots were beginning to hurt: the third toe on my left foot was giving me gyp! Took off the left boot sitting on the arm of Thorpe Top Treble lock and walked around on the grass without it for a bit. Put the boot back on and it seemed much better. Thorpe Treble bywash seems almost as complex as the lock itself. The pics are here.


There’s not much to say about the return so here’s a couple of pics that show why I love this bit of the canal most of all: All these pictures and more are here.


I told you that Turnerwood basin was drained well here’s a view not often seen: a ground paddle: As usual there’s more here.

Turnerwood to Shireoaks

You’ve seen all this already but I didn’t mention the Brancliffe Feeder. Well, here it is.

There’s something about bare trees that just …

And here’s those snowdrops again:


More here.

Shireoaks and home

Nb “Steel Away” was coming through Shireoaks bottom as I got there
I’ve seen her before around Ranby. They’ve been made to move on by the BW “constant tourers” (or whatever it’s called) rules. More pics here

My foot was hurting now (bloody boots!) so I walked home round Godfrey’s pond at a slow hobble.

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